Training IT Professionals

Leading IT companies of Mari El helped establish a chain of institutions for training IT specialists: computer schools, IT liceums, higher educations institutions and retraining centers.

Supplementary Education for Children

IT Clubs, computer schools and training courses help children develop system thinking and logics and learn the basics of computer science, robotics and programming.

Programmers’ Club in Learning Center “1C-Rarus”

Teaching school children from 7th to 11th grade. Training courses:
«Programming in Java: Basics»
«Algorithms and Olympiad Programming»
«System Administration»
«Preparation for Computer Science School Exam»
«Software Development Management»

Secondary Education for Children

From their 8th to 11th grade, school students go deep into studying computer science and programming. This allows them to obtain high level of knowledge that is enough to continue their education in the sphere of IT.


Students study programming intensively and complete imternship in software companies.


The IT Liceum Megatech is a state government-financed educational institution. The liceum is based in Volgatech University’s School of Computer Science and Information Engineering.

Higher Professional Education

Well-prepared for further education, graduates can build their professional career in leading software companies in Russia or abroad.

High School of Programming in Volgatech University

Based in University’s School of Computer Science and Information Engineering, the new institution was created on May, 27 by the rector of the University and SEOs of several leading software companies of Mari El.

Supplementary Professional Education

Professional retraining centers allow people to obtain a new profession, improve skills and find a job in a completely different field.

Institute of Programming Systems

Students of the Institute are able to obtain in-demand profession and world-class qualification while still working or studying full-time.