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The unique city of Yoshkar-Ola gave birth to dozens of successful hi-tech projects and businesses that are well-known not only in Russia, but all over the world. The city’s leading companies are working together on providing advanced programming training and on developing IT ecosystem.

Member companies of the Association

Association Goals and Objectives

The association is aimed at developing the education system for training highly professional engineers.

Promotion of programming
Training world-class programmers
Protecting the industry interests
“The aggregate sales turnover of Yoshkar-Ola’s software companies is over 1 billion rubles and increasing steadily. The IT business in the Mari El republic has a great future!”
Venedikt Suvorov, head of the Communications and
Informatization Department of Mari El

Programmers Training System

Yoshkar-Ola’s software companies owe their success to the unique programmers training system that was established in a local Technical University back in 1970s. Today the Association is actively involved in developing the city’s IT environment.

The highest professional level of Yoshkar-Ola’s programmers is ensured through the best practices of Soviet engineering school, world’s best programmers training methods and deep expertise of leadnig software companies.

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Press about Programmers of Mari El

Association's news, reports, company events, highlighted in local and federal press.

Programming as a Way of Life Documentary

A small settlement is established a in a far away Mari El village, while in the city a new school is founded to teach kids robotics, English, programming and animation.

High School of Programming

Volgatech University and leading IT companies signed an agreement to establish High School of Programming based in University’s School of Computer Science and Information Engineering.

Local TV Show about IT industry in Mari El

CEOs of leading IT companies of Mari El at a local TV show: Yury Uskov of iSpring Solutions, Alexandr Galochkin of TravelLine, Pavel Mureev of ACI Worldwide.

Programmer’s Day in Yoshkar-Ola

Last weekend programmers of Mari El celebrated their professional holiday.

The First of IT-September in Yoshkar-Ola

Competitions of robots made by school children and information technology tournament.

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Association's news, reports, company events, highlighted in local and federal press.

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The association is ready for communication and collaboration. We welcome new members who are interested in developing IT ecosystem in Yoshkar-Ola and the region.

PS Soft — Software Developers Association

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