Leading Russian developer of web applications and products for secure document management.

About Company

Cifrovye Tehnologii is the leading Russian developer and provider of software solutions, designed for cryptographic data protection, work with electronic signatures, and protection of information during its transmission via open channels. The company develops multi-platform solutions for data protection, embeds certified cryptographic algorithms in applied and business software, creates systems for user authorization and authentication. It also consults customers in the field of certified cryptographic algorithms and protection of legally relevant document management in state and commercial institutions.

JSC “Cifrovye Tehnologii” is licensed by the Federal Security Service of Russia. The licenses imply development and design of systems, protected via certified encryption tools, as well as technical maintenance and distribution of certified encryption tools and provision of information encryption services.

The company also has a license for technical protection of confidential information, issued by the Federal Service for Technical and Export Control of Russia.

The company focuses on search, theoretical and experimental activities, aimed at determining the technical possibility of creating innovative business solutions.

Software Solutions

  • CryptoARM software is designed for data encryption and signing documents and files with electronic signature. The application is aimed at information protection in government and commercial sectors of Russia.
  • Trusted Java library is a set of cryptoalgorithms implemented in compliance with JSSE and JCE requirements. JSSE provider ensures protected interaction via SSL and TLS protocols using Russian cryptographic algorithms.
  • Trusted TLS is the modified OpenSSL cryptographic package. It allows using Russian standards for cryptographic protection of information in the openssl command line utility and on the Apache HTTP Server and nginx web servers.
  • Trusted is a client-server solution. It is a platform which incorporates the cloud IDM features and additional services such as encryption and data integrity protection based on public key infrastructure.

Spheres of Application

The company has accumulated seventeen-year experience in information protection. Our products and solutions are essential for those who want to:

  • protect data from the changes during transmission, including transmission via open communication channels;
  • control immutability of information;
  • ensure authorship protection;
  • provide authentication and control access to information resources.


  • Specialized solutions for protection and legal relevance assurance in an electronic environment;
  • Personal data protection (delivery of information security solutions, consulting on personal data protection for information systems, development of organizational and administrative documents);
  • Solutions for authentication;
  • Solutions for authorization via digital certificates;
  • Software for the management of authentication infrastructure in organizations, including physical access control;
  • Embedding software modules for authentication and digital signature in any information system.

Areas of Activities

  • Solutions for authorization, authentication, and tracking user activities;
  • Systems for identification and control of access to information resources;
  • Complex solutions for legally relevant secured electronic document management;
  • Development and delivery of software for cryptographic protection of information;
  • Cross-platform solutions;
  • Embedding cryptographic algorithms in applied and business software;
  • Solutions for user authentication, data encryption, data verification and integrity maintenance based on PKI.

Our Clients

  • State Duma of the Russian Federation;
  • Federal Taxation Service of the Russian Federation;
  • Largest banks of Russia;
  • Mobile carriers in Russia and CIS countries;
  • Telecommunication companies;
  • State corporations (Roskosmos and “Electronic Archive” (ELAR), etc.

Company name: Cifrovye Tehnologii
CEO: Alexander Kurzenev

Address: 1, Petrova St.,
Yoshkar-Ola, Mari El,Russia 424000
Website: http://www.trusted.ru, http://cryptoarm.ru
Email:  info@trusted.ru
Tel.:  (8362) 33-70-50