Pervyj BIT is the leading regional network among 1C franchisees.

About Company

Pervyj BIT is the largest 1C franchisee. We help Russian and foreign companies to automate management, document flow and all types of accounting, provide them with maintenance and support.

Pervyj BIT has helped more than 150,000 enterprises all over the world to make their businesses more efficient. 5,000 employees improve the quality of work every day, and most of them have 1C certificates. The company is especially proud of its industry solutions designed for automation of production in different areas.

Software Solutions and Sphere of Application

Pervyj BIT has developed more than 50 industry software solutions: BIT.FINANS, BIT.CRM, BIT.Upravlenie Transpotnoi Logistikoi (solution for logistics management), BIT.Stroitelstvo (solution for construction management), BIT.ZKH (solution for housing and utility sector), BIT.Telefonia (solution for telephone systems management),BIT.Upravlenie Meditsinskim Tsentrom (solution for medical center management), and other software.

The office in Yoshkar-Ola focuses on the development of software for automation of public catering and retail businesses. More than 2,000 companies in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Turkmenistan, and United Arab Emirates use Pervyj BIT’s solutions developed in Yoshkar-Ola.

BIT. KASSIR software (solution for cash operations management) is used by trade networks, the largest of which has more than 500 shops. Restaurants and public catering networks use an easy industry solution BIT.APPETIT (catering management software), which enables automation of catering companies of any scale.


The clients of Pervyj Bit include the largest Russian and foreign companies: Quelle,, Eset, BBC, Subaru, Toyota, Zolla, Kommersant, Central Universal Department Store (TsUM,Moscow), Yota, Rolf, Collin’s, Pegas Touristik, Rive Gauche, Vitek, Yandex, Pik Group of Companies, L’Oreal, Komsomolskaya Pravda, Euroset, Twentieth Century Fox CIS, 2GIS, Gazprom and other companies.

Pervyj BIT is proud of its clients!

Company name: Pervyj BIT
CEO: Alexey Moskvin

Address: 12 Chekhova St.,
Yoshkar-Ola, Mari El Russia, 424004
Tel.:  +7 (8362) 457-690